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01 January 2031 @ 12:00 am

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A new years resolution..? 2010

Drink Pepermint Tea
Minus dairy products
Snack on Fruit & Noodles
Drinking when hungry
Be more helpfulCleanse Body & Mind
Take on Responsibilities
Defeat the sleep Demon!
Don't Worry, Take Action
No Melodramatics
Reminisce Fun Thoughts
Be Socially Braver
Listen to music again!
Finish Games
Frequent a sketchbook!
Spend time with loved one

Luulin ::
08 December 2010 @ 06:53 pm
Heylooo thar.

Iwas just thinking about my lovely lj and how lonely it is.
I need to pick my feet up, and get back to my usual obssesive n bizare self.
By that im refering to list making. A while back whilst my Visual design tutor left the classroom a student used his laptop to put on some bizare reruns of bbc programes about strange obssessions. One of the people interviewed was an obssesive list maker. It reminded of my own obsession with lists, and just what the hell happend to that, my list level has gone down to a 1 where as out of 5 id have said it was at a 3 to 4 coming up to uni. okay maybe just a 3, if 5 is THAT woman, 4 would be dangerous enough.

So, im thinking about tasks and achievements. Using the internet always fires me up, spreading the love n joy of myself with the worrrrrrrld! :DDDD yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah ~

Should i start making posts to Lj everytime im happy iv performed a task i set out to do. Document the life of a student.
Or do i just use tumblr. Im leaning towards tumblr, i am pretty much talking about useless wasted internet space dedicated to short sentences of woot i did the dishes!! =D twitter tie in should piss off a few people ^^

hmhmhmhm ~ lj where do stand in my life... ?
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Luulin ::
20 July 2010 @ 06:02 pm

I've found and joined an LJ dears community :3

Theyre all sharing their experiences of ALL the gackt concerts!!According to gackts blog, seems they(france) had some technical difficulties!!
By the way.....

Somone is translating Gackts Blog! :D
Gackts London Blog! -

[i really like this account its made me laugh quite abit and this person has really explained stuff i'v been feeling embarassed about! So now i feel better!! (]

Another write up on gackt, that mentions stuff others didnt and i didnt see @_@ WAAAA?!

On another note - Gackt linked a fan video in an entry!!!! =D HE WATCHES FAN VIDEOS!! I feel so excited for these two girls!!

I think i've also discovered the reason, the whole gig blurred together for me, it was simply because i wasnt familiar with the setlist, and the way songs roll from one into another, just seems like a quiet moment, which as we know, gackt often has a nice little quiet moment where he can do his beauty shots XD. I've now read the whole gig was only 2 hours.. i had thought it was longer, but the shortness could be another explanation of why it all blurred together for me. 
Since then i've been listening to the 'are you fried chickenz' cd i bought and really loving it, unfortunatey it doesnt have 'ever' on it and i barely remember hearing it :s im really dissapointed i didnt record the sound from the gig for personal use, next time. The cd has lyrics but its all in kanji! unlike my diablos cd where its all in english, i have to say though!!! Im very much enjoying following the song along to the kanji and i cant wait to beable to read the lyrics myself! - this i think is the true motivation for learning japanese, there is nothing like music.

p.s I take back any doubts i said, after reading some of his biography and getting over previous shocks, i feel i truely respect the man now, and have gotten over myself! :) Im defintely a born again fan! After the magic that was gackt live. Even though i was gacktnatized for most of it! XD

Luulin ::
19 July 2010 @ 02:31 am
I should have done it, i regretted this morning. I should have turned my phones mic on. I could have had lovely unclear audio as akeep sake and to re-experience all that i was distracted from.

someone was nughty - Clip of english mind forest -
(oddly though i really cant hear the english, i think perhaps its because its the same tune so my brain is filling in the unclear lyrics with what im used to hearing. Lame excuse. Stupid brain)

what!! nO! Found videos from that group that we saw who snuck around the parking lot! and got clear opening to seeing gacktjob coming off the bus!!!! - we were all in that little gap across. Why did the security not move them?! ¬_¬  *blatent jelousy*

clear entry of gackt -
they shout happy birthday.

Gackt leaves bus from where i stood.. This girl couldnt have been far from me - 
its not atall how i imagined! from what i heard! Those security guards at the 02 just had no idea what they were in for did they, just some obscure band - no - an a list celebrity. Bet they were shocked.

IM IN THIS ONE!!- OMG i did not realise the que had grown that big!! bloody hell!! no wonder i was right next to the stage.
Im behind the guy with the big ginger/blond hair! For a split second! Look for white sleve, with black strap over it, and black hair! u have to pause just as u see him! (was wearing white blouse and black waistcoat)

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Luulin ::
19 July 2010 @ 01:06 am

Now i feel terribly embarased. I took surprise at some things people said in the que, like gackt having 15 girls on his bed.
How that is not something i wanted to imagine, and how surprised ive been with his 'new' badboy dirty image. Well what do you know!!! The translation of Gackts biography is actually complete...the last time i went to cool like plastic it only had the 1st chapter!!! XD oh my gosh, i am ancient!! Wonder if that person ever finished the ff7 novel write up.. =o

Well it seems gackt has had quite a sex life....He is not and was never the sweet, intriguing and strange boy i imagined from all those photoshoots, and lovely songs.

Bad me.

Time i got back to being a real, informed, and appreciative fan. 1st i need my laptop fixed! T____T plus invested in new forms of income T.T
p.s i feel deeply ashamed about how much i didnt take in at the concert, reading other peoples accounts, it was a great experience that i missed 50% of , i missed the heartfelt speech in english that had peolpe crying! O_O and most of what he said. Also apparently we got a first sneak peak of his latest song unreleased yet, aswell as a beautifuly translated mind forest.
I feel so ashamed! He gave us so much, yet it all blurred together for me!. I do really wonder if the balcony would have been better for me, to help deterr distractions. And yes apparently we are the first stop of his first ever european tour. Honored.
I'll upload some photos later. plus photos of my new deathnote tees i got from camden ^_^.

For your interest;
Biography found -
gackts guide for living -
Gackt for dummies -

Gackt has myspace -
Gackts house tour -
(How he feels about his home -
I dont know, his house looks pretty comfy to me i could just hangabout indoors all day, wonder how often he changes his candles.
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Luulin ::
18 July 2010 @ 10:05 pm

I still cant quite believe it...

I have been in the same city, as gackt. I have been in the same room as gackt, i have breathed the same air as gackt, i have smelt the same sweat as gackt! XD

So this friday i was in london, at a small intimate venue, headbanging with gackt and gacktjob :3 and my goodness...he is..far better looking than any photograph can portray, and he had his hair half in canerow! Just for us :3 which I think makes him look more manly. But he has changed alot since i was heavily into him.. its asthough.. he's grown up..or.. rebelling. At his age?!!? XD

I cant believe just how much he has changed, or how different he was from what i imagined. Its honestly been quite a few years since my love of gackt. The past so many years i let my love of jrock and all forms of music slip, and i've not been a very interesting person atall. But i owe this incredible experience, and rejuvination to a special freind and gackt. Who have shown me now what is possible.... for my life. I plan to further this lifestyle! and enjoy myself and life to the full from here out! Lets Make Friends and get out there!!

After the moment my friend sent me the message, my love returned... i reacted in ways i never thought i would. I fricken hyperventerlated!!!! I started listening to my old burned cd's (dont have many :( and my mp3 player is broken), but i've now understood the significance of buying legally! my friend has explained and showed me the light! It's so he knows! he knows that you are buying and that he is wanted!! and therefore he will come! ~ So i've bought moon and diablos from ebay (not sure if that counts, but from here on out im going to find out how and take her advice on buying legally) and i've been listening to gackt on my walks home from work :3

how did i forget how amazing this was...

He arrived in a huge red bus..Collapse )

I came away feeling alittle annoyed at him honestlyCollapse )

I personaly had a good timeCollapse )
He promises! To return! If we promise!
(Funny, he said return and not ‘come back’, it made me wonder if he saw my message on the flag, asking him to return. Yes there was a large English flag that Birdie/bridie/mana??? Brought for fans to sign, and I hear there was a book passing around too, though I never got to sign that. There wasn’t a lot of space on the flag and I was like the very last person to sign it, unfortunately my pen was absorbed by the flag and I made a right mess!! T_____T getting larger as I write! SORRY!! But atleast I’ve touched and wrote on the flag that is now with his luggage somewhere.. =D)

I promise, I will support him when he returns, through any doubts I may now have, as he had been such an inspiration to me as a young teenager, and I want the jrock scene to follow suit and spread across eaurope, so more people can enjoy and be exposed to such music and inspiring people, these people are true musicians and lyricists and poets, unlike a lot of the crap western music.

I have a mind feast for life :DDDDDDDDD
And I really hope they do use our gig for their dvd since they were so strict about cameras!! I have no photos, other than my memories v_v and also im on camera >_> A LOT. Too much <_<; and I might have been abit of a show off >_>……okay maybe they shouldn’t!! XD haha!

You can read a better more accurate accounts of the event, in not so many words here:

I feel bad for chanting Vanilla and getting excited about it now, after reading those. A girl in the que instructed everyone to call for it for the encore and said that he had played it somewhere else, so it seemed alright. But considering the new bassist and the fact they wouldnt have rehursed it, it was very rude. This now has me qustioning if we should have been chanting atall during the break - but i wasnt intirely sure if it was a break or if it was over! My inexperience! so, i appologize to Gackt and gacktjob for our rudeness and inconsideration. =/ and i thikn maybe we all need to learn alittle more about japanese perfomances and customs. ( Caz has been telling me about rude behaviour from fans at other gigs, and its deeply ashaming, and i hope we dont make such mistakes, and that i can i learn proper gig etiquette .

p.s Anyone for a facebook group- gackt to beat the xfactor this year?! Maybe we can push xfactor to stop being included in the charts!!!If everyones willing to buy a song they most likely already have, then buy a song from someone you could get to like! and try something new!! N kick xfactor out of here!!! What du ya think! ^.~  ---- Might go to gackts head though.....then again..can we do any more ego damage? ^^; i wonder.

[edit] Found some more! and gaaaa so they did have the merchandise i wanted to buy!! they sold out on the way in >_<; (wanted sweatband and headphones!!!!!) hmm collection... now reading others.. ]
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Luulin ::
10 January 2010 @ 02:57 pm
Thats right...

Last night around 2 am we were seconds away from being burgled!!
Seems a couple of young vagabonds were stalking the neighbourhood, witnessed by a neighbour, and chose our caravan to break into! Our caravan is much like a shed, ever since the garage has been under DIY hell, the caravan holds all our stuff including tools. They sheared off the hinges and were trying to pull some metal lining out, or something like that so im told. They were seconds away from getting in when they were disturbed and ran off.

One, why did'nt our neighbour do something to disturb them.
Two, what the hell disturbed them?
Three, for once the puppies didnt give frightening barks at the smallest sound.
Four, was'nt i up at that time? O_O;

Maybe when i went downstairs last night, to turn the dripping sink tap off, i did something i dont remember and they hear?
Maybe it was alot latter than 2 am, and when i turned on my lamp to write (couldnt sleep) that spooked them.
Maybe when i turned the laptop off and got into bed first time, the constent fidgeting on the very squeeky broken slat, spooked them.

Must get dad to look at that slat, its annoying as hell. It just dropped out oneday. Its actually not broken, i just cant for the life of me fathem how to slat it back in, the dimensions are too perfect there is'nt anyroom to actually slot it back in both ends. Ikea.......... your perfection is your crime.
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Luulin ::
09 January 2010 @ 07:35 pm
Happy New Year!

Nya~ Time has gone by so quickly. Why it was'nt long ago i was talking about new years resolutions, discovered that theoretically summer was the best time for new startssupplying a healthy dose of sunshine possitivity. 

A Look back at the new year surprisesCollapse )
So a happylist now! 
  • New Family connections
  • Iv finished my personal statement and have sent my aplication for university off!!!!!!!! :DDDDD
  • Excited about all the new challenges, making friends, budgeting, cooking, independence!
  • I have no working hours this weekend (pennyless Bliss 8D )
  • My Laptop works!! ( - in safe mode - but has no sound - )
  • I've been kicking it old school using CDS and my personal walkman cd player ( oh remember when it was cool to have a WHOLE cd player in your blazers hidden pockets at school ) p.s my mp3 player is broken still and its getting worse! BUT CD'S ARE awsome! ( i didnt have them on my mp3 player anyway! XD and i've been buying video game soundtracks. its just awsome to own them! :) )
  • Last night i read an awe inspiring, brain turning, society questioning, historically educating, debateable, genre breaking conundruming, ultimately evil genius plot inspiring game design Blogage! - i am floored with excitment over actually using my brain.
  • Cousin lewis comes back in a week or so
  • Im plotting to invade my local friends humble homes
  • Bayonetta arrived today!
  • SNOW!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS OF SNOW!!!!!!!
  • AND I'VE BAKED CAKE!!!! (ginger cake! nice with a cuppa coffee :3 im on a cake baking spree)
Im so excited i could be foaming at the mouth

p.s Reminicing over Foundation Art Ghostbusters moment annaunced by Moi, is always giggle inducing.
p.s Games design is the architecture of a reality! In so many ways. ( im glaring at all you jrpg fans shaking my head - no what ur thinking is not what i meant, at all. OPEN YOUR MINDS!  - weve all been brainwashed by anime )

On another note, i just realised something evil and briliant.
My evil and very sane and respectable plan Collapse )

Im so excited i dont even want that bath i've been dreaming about all day. D: I just want to get this party started!!!!!

p.s i realised a few minuites ago, the feiro penguin tribe people in the feiro game i concepted at college - they dont have to be penguins!!!!!!! they could be people who worship or hunt penguins and have masks and clothing that makes them look like birds!...................can u belive i totaly did not see that before, and now im actually excited about trying to RE-invent the concepts for that game.

Oh man, i want to get messy, messy with sploges of paints, stuck in paper, materials. I want to have one huge messy, overflowing, colourful, side paint leaked pages full book. Totaly grungey and grimey with inspirational colour and chock full of exploration.
oh gawd....... D: *Droooooooooool*